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Lizz Winstead in 2017: The Greatest Sh*t Show On Earth

Dec. 30
2 p.m.
Daily from Dec. 30-31
7:30 p.m.
$45-$55$45/$55; $65 VIP
Comedy, Holiday

In our troubling times, humor can be hard to find, which is precisely why Lizz Winstead’s annual recaps are so fulfilling. The homegrown comic and co-creator (along with Madeline Smithberg) of The Daily Show has an instinct for absurdities, insightfully drawing forth the sublimely ridiculous nature of our dystopian moment. Joined by musical guest Sam Breckenridge, Winstead will brave the ludicrous depths of 2017, seeking laughter in the events that have left so many of us feeling utterly shell-shocked. Indeed, with each passing day bringing the promise of another outrage, Winstead will undoubtedly need to call upon all of her skills as a humorist, allaying exhaustion with levity and perhaps even shoring up a dogged degree of optimism for the approaching year. All ages.