Las Cafeteras

March 23
7:30 p.m.
Electro Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, World

Roots-based Chicano sextet Las Cafeteras are all about dissolving physical and metaphorical borders, with a strong emphasis on promoting human rights and social justice. The band hit the road just ahead of the release of their second album, Tastes Like L.A., and their infectious, dance-inducing music is an antidote to Trump’s bumbling toxicity, as is the bilingual “If I Were President,” chosen as the album’s first single after the election debacle. Live, audience members will be able to add their ideas to the band’s progressive litany. Relying primarily on acoustic, traditional instruments, Las Cafeteras play son jarocho, a genre originating from Veracruz, Mexico, that links indigenous, Caribbean, and African influences. Their update of this style also takes in contemporary folk, hip-hop, and rock. Las Cafeteras’ first album, It’s Time, included “La Bamba Rebelde” (“Rebel La Bamba”), a take on the most famous son jarocho song, which includes the provocative lyrics “I don’t believe in borders/I will cross.” With local Latin roots band Alma Andina.

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