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Joe List

Daily from Aug. 15-17
8 p.m.
Daily from Aug. 16-17
10:30 p.m.

Joe List is a true road warrior. Based in New York, he runs between shows in the Big Apple during the week, then travels to headline clubs across the U.S. “It’s a lot of stories,” he explains of his set. “There is a lot of travel stuff, some one-liners, and then just regular bits. It’s a lot of jokes. The stories are very jokey. I’m desperate for laughs, so I get as many punchlines as I can get in there.” Being on the road so much, as well as doing short gigs in New York, List experiences a lot of turnover in his set. “I think it’s less than some but more than most.” It’s not that he’s consciously trying to build a new hour every year, but he tries to create a new 45 minutes on a annual basis. “You get tired of some jokes, and new stuff just comes up,” he explains.