"In the Company of Others" Den-Zell Gilliard


In the Company of Others

Every Mon., Tue., Wed., and Thu. from Jan. 28-Feb. 21
11 a.m.-7 p.m.
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Photographer Den-Zell Gilliard is a part of the Minneapolis communities he works in. Mentored by local photographers Wing Young Huie and Inna Valin, and inspired by iconic documentary photographer Gordon Parks, Gilliard captures his subjects in their most quiet, active, or rapturous moments: in prayer, in a raucous tumble on the basketball court, in the middle of an infectious laugh. In essence, Gilliard captures life as it’s lived. John Schuerman, whose empathy, compassion, and artistry are boundless, has curated this solo exhibition. “Gilliard is a young street photographer and lifelong resident of south Minneapolis,” he says. “He never stages his shots, but shoots from life as it happens in the communities he inhabits.”