"graft" John Bell, 'The Impatient Patient'



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Painter John Bell and sculptor Alonso Sierralta use their respective mediums to reference the natural world in a new exhibition, “graft.” Silverwood Park Gallery tends to focus on exhibits that explore art and the environment (fitting, due to its idyllic location by Silver Lake). In this show the artists continue that trend of finding inspiration from the living things around us. For Bell, that means re-imagining animals as verbs instead of nouns, discovering their aliveness, movement, and space through their color and texture. Sierralta, meanwhile, creates mixed-media sculptures that speak to nature’s resilience despite human destruction. While you’re visiting, you can also check out “Sidewalks to Superior” by Marty Harris. Both shows will have receptions this Thursday, January 12, from 6 to 8 p.m.

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