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Dulcé Sloan

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Dulce Sloan is probably most widely known as a correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. A performer since childhood, she mostly concentrated on acting and improv before trying standup at the behest of friends. It was comedian Big Kenny, along with Sloan’s mother, who finally convinced her to try it. “Kenny told me, ‘You know how to tell a story, and I’m sure you can learn to tell jokes.’” She wound up taking his standup comedy class, and has been a comedian ever since. “I usually talk about stuff that’s happened to me,” she says of her set. “In the beginning I was more observational, but I quit doing that when Big Kenny told me, ‘As soon as you start talking about yourself, your comedy will reach a whole new level,’ and that’s what happened.” Often, people she meets will express concern that they might end up in one of her bits. “I tell them, ‘Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything that interesting.’”