'Dry Powder' Megan Engeseth


Dry Powder

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Contemporary playwright Sarah Burgess’ Dry Powder is an extremely dark comedy that focuses on the predatory practices of KMM Capital Management, a private equity firm devoted to increasing its market share, no matter the social cost or ethical ramifications. When KMM’s practices come under fire from the media and public, a fiercely pragmatic trio of officers must find a way to save face, lest the outcry jeopardize the company’s “dry powder” (cash reserves to cover investments). They find a potential public relations ploy in the proposed acquisition of a family-owned luggage company, but the ruse has unanticipated consequences for all involved. Dry Powder trolls egotists so obsessed with material gain that they cannot comprehend why they would be condemned. Burgess derives grim humor from blatant efforts to disguise rapacious ventures as virtuous gesture, depicting their financial malfeasance with a rollicking dose of absurdity. This area premiere from Dark & Stormy Productions features a standout cast of Sara Marsh, Robert Dorfman, Alex Galick, and Darrick Mosley, under the seasoned direction of Michaela Johnson. For tickets, go to