'Dog Logic' Image courtesy Theatre In the Round


Dog Logic

Every Fri. and Sat. from Feb. 14-March 7
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from Feb. 16-March 8
2 p.m.

Hartel Daggett, the lackadaisical lead character of Tom Srelich’s dark comedy Dog Logic, isn’t the slightest bit concerned with upward mobility. Contentedly detached from the frantic pace of modern life, the former hippie resides on a desolate, 40-acre pet cemetery. Having inherited the property from his late father, Hartel is perfectly happy to serve as a devoted caretaker to the spirits of deceased animals whose former owners have long stopped coming by to pay respects. Hartel keeps a lonely vigil with these forlorn pets, including his own dearly departed dog, Yappy. Though Hartel lives in his own universe of witty monologues and philosophical queries, the outside world soon intrudes in the form of three visitors: an aspiring real estate mogul with grandiose delusions for the property; his police officer ex-wife, who is frustrated by his lack of drive; and his mother, who abandoned him to follow her calling as an evangelist. As the characters press their questionable claims from the center of the Theatre in the Round Players’ singular stage, audiences will have a judicious view of every ludicrous argument in this idiosyncratic examination of the dysfunctional demands of responsibility, practicality, and maturity.