Photo by Kristen Cofer



March 20
8 p.m.
Alternative, Indie Rock, Metal

If you loved only one metal record in 2013, chances are it was Sunbather. Deafheaven’s sophomore album made them one of metal’s most widely acclaimed bands, but they’re also among its most curious, fearlessly blending black metal, post-rock, shoegaze, and more. The band first signed with Deathwish Inc. and released their full-length debut, Roads to Judah, in 2011, but Sunbather changed everything. George Clarke still let loose with vocals as searing as any metal frontman’s, yet the band’s new sound, including skying guitar leads that were downright uplifting, made the album a crossover success. Clarke, guitarist/bassist Kerry McCoy, and drummer Daniel Tracy recorded Sunbather as a trio, but they expanded to a five-piece for their 2015 follow-up, New Bermuda. Though the latest album is less experimental than its predecessor, moments like the insane wah-wah guitar solo four minutes into highlight “Baby Blue” are just as thrilling. This Will Destroy You and Emma Ruth Rundle open.

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