"After the Explosion: Documenting Chernobyl" Collection of the Museum of Russian Art


After the Explosion: Documenting Chernobyl

Daily from Sept. 14-Feb. 23
Time Varies
Free; museum admission is $12
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It’s been 33 years since a safety test on a nuclear reactor in the former Ukrainian SSR caused an enormous radioactive explosion and nine-day fire. Chernobyl continues to be the largest nuclear disaster the world has ever seen. On the heels of HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries, the Museum of Russian Art presents “After the Explosion: Documenting Chernobyl,” an exhibition of photographs taken at the time of the crisis. The pictures are from the archives of Major General Nikolai Tarakanov, who is also depicted on the HBO TV show. Taken by one of his staff members, the images capture the intense cleanup efforts as well as nearby residents in the wake of the explosion. “Documenting Chernobyl” opens in conjunction with two other fall exhibitions at TMORA. In the main gallery space you’ll find Soviet posters from the museum’s collection. In the Mezzanine Gallery is “Mystical Imprints: Marc Chagall, Ben-Zion, and Ben Shahn,” featuring works on paper exploring Jewish mysticism.