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Adrienne Iapalucci

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“I was dating this guy, and in the first week he decided to open up to me,” comedian Adrienne Iapalucci tells an audience. “He told me his mother said he was her biggest mistake. I thought that was kind of harsh. But the more I got to know him I thought, ‘Never doubt a mother’s intuition.’ She knows if she’s putting out a shoddy product.” Born and raised in the Bronx, Iapalucci creates an air of subtle sarcasm onstage as opposed to the stereotypical New York brashness. “I don’t get along with my mother,” she continues, “which is weird, because I live in her basement apartment. We got into a fight and I called her. I could hear her walk over to the phone, see it was me, and walk away.” Known for her dry, sometimes dark sense of humor, she’s great at rolling out a solid set-up/punchline. “I was eating a bag of baby carrots,” she says, “and this guy says to me, ‘Those are good for your eyes.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I know. I used to be blind.’”