Wanna buy Ricky Rubio's ballin' North Loop penthouse?

Rick lived here.

Rick lived here. Realty Group Inc.

Seeking the literal baller lifestyle in downtown Minneapolis?

You've got a $1.23 million option: Former Timberwolves point guard Rick Rubio is unloading his North Loop penthouse. The industrially chic three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 3,182-square-foot space hit the market three weeks ago. 

"Obviously the location stands out, North Loop is one of the best," says Jado Hark, the listing agent with Realty Group Inc. "It’s also the biggest unit in the building, it’s beautiful -- built-in bar from the 1880s, pool table; it’s tough to describe -- the lighting, the great views from downtown, the layout – you just feel comfortable."

Originally built in 1920, the warehouse at 700 Washington Ave. N. was redeveloped into Tower Lofts in 2005. Rubio's towering coworkers must've appreciated the 13-foot ceilings, as well as the sprawling rooftop terrace for entertaining.

So, what's it like working with the suddenly rugged doe-eyed Spaniard? 

"He’s just a great human being," Hark says of his client, who was traded to the Utah Jazz for a first-round pick in mid-2017. So great, in fact, that Rubio let former teammate Nemanja Bjelica stay at his penthouse last season, hence the delayed listing.  

Rubio, 28, purchased the place for $1.20 million in 2016, according to county records, meaning he might take a slight haircut after closing costs. But he inked a four-year, $56-million contact back in 2014, so he's likely not sweating it. 

Rubio enjoyed a solid year with the Jazz last season, posting career-best scoring numbers (13.1 points per game) en route to a Western Conference semifinals appearance. He added pesky defense, eye-popping passing, and famously relentless positivity: 


Alright, let's take a photo tour of Rubio's old pad, courtesy of Realty Group Inc. -- enjoy!