Twin Cities Horror Fest is moving to a new venue in 2020

A few frights from 2018's Twin Cities Horror Fest

A few frights from 2018's Twin Cities Horror Fest Dan Norman

For the past eight years, the Twin Cities Horror Fest has been freaking people out at the Southern Theater. In 2020, they’ll be doing things a little differently.

The fall, multi-week event is a celebration of all types of horror onstage, inviting local theater troupes, independent actors, and performance artists to experiment with spookiness. Productions often range in tone and content, and have included psychological thrillers, horrifying history lessons, absolute gore fests, and, last year, an undertaker adventure into creepy-style ASMR.

Just like the Blob, the event has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings in 2012. So for the 2020 season, plans are in place to move from the Southern to Crane Theater’s two stages. The TCHF crew see the change as an opportunity to go even bigger.

“This move will... provide more tailored options for different scopes of artistic work, and significantly increase the numbers of producers we can present,” says executive director Ryan Lear.

Event organizers have yet to announce the fest’s 2020 dates, but applications for folks interested in participating are currently being accepted for productions to be staged on the the Crane Mainstage and the Crane LGM Studio.