The Super Bowl Ice Palace dream is dead


The Saint Paul Winter Carnival had hopes of building a rad ice castle that was going to blow the minds of Super Bowl attendees. Today, the organization announced that the project has been canceled.

While Minnesota is pouring money into prepping Minneapolis for the 2018 Super Bowl at U.S. Bank Stadium, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival has failed to secure the funds and resources needed to build a frozen water palace.

"The Foundation’s ice palace team has spent a considerable amount of time working on plans, locations, and costs for the potential 2018 ice structure," says board chair Jennifer Tamburo via the official website.

"To move forward with building an ice palace, a minimum budget of $5 million is needed to guarantee financial stability of the ice palace and the Saint Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation."

It looks like the organization is playing it safe, opting not to go bankrupt over the project.

"We were faced with a significant challenge and could not resolve it with the confidence that we could both cover the costs of constructing and operating the ice palace and not negatively impact our organization’s long-term financial future," Tamburo further states.

It's a smart move; the association filed for bankruptcy after building a $1.1 million ice palace on Harriet Island for the 1992 Super Bowl, which was at the Metrodome.

While the Ice Palace isn't happening in 2018, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival will be extending its dates to include the Super Bowl, running from January 25 to February 10. The sprawling, citywide festival features parades, beer tastings, museum exhibitions, ice and snow sculpting competitions, and sporting events.