The 'Send Nudes' car: Hot or gross?

Is this, indeed, "VERY cool!"? Or is it not?

Is this, indeed, "VERY cool!"? Or is it not? Jay Boller

"In 2013, it was found that sexting is often used to enhance the relationship and sexual satisfaction in a romantic partnership." is a sentence you probably didn't expect to read this morning, at least not before 9 a.m.

Expect the unexpected, especially if you're going to walk through south Minneapolis... or if you're going to label yourself publicly as horny and looking for sexts.

The line above is from Wikipedia's entry for "Sexting." The photo above is from City Pages' Jay Boller, who saw this vehicle parked in south Minneapolis, near the Fixt Rite auto shop at 55th and Lyndale.

Boller had opinions about this car, which he shared with Twitter.

The car's got Minnesota plates. Folks, whoever owns this car and its distinctive banner is one of ours. 

That parking location raises questions about the vehicle's current internal workings. The placement of this banner raises questions about whether the driver can, like, see out the windshield?

About the vehicle's purpose in life, there can be no doubt. This car is a thirst trap of the highest order. Or lowest, depending on how you like your trap: explicit and brash --  and, in this case, public? Or subtle and bashful, and aimed at one partner at a time?

It's a debate for the ages. Is it "keep your pants on" or "let's see what you got"? It probably depends who's making demands and who's meeting them, though this car owner -- we're not gonna gender them, but we have our suspicions! -- comes down firmly on the side of sluttiness.

Live your truth, Subaru Impreza owner, and (so long as you're keeping them to yourself!) may you go swimming in other people's naked selfies to your heart's and other body part's content.

Below, weigh in on whether this level of openness is a turn-on, or whether this Subaru owner should reconsider slapping this sticker there.

The 'SEND NUDES' banner: Hot or gross?
Depends what the owner looks like naked
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