The LED light hockey rink is a great use of a Minnesota backyard [VIDEO]


The LED light hockey rink will make all of your neighbors jealous. Or confused. Or both.

These below-freezing temps that won't leave Minnesota alone are good for a few things.

Leaving stuff outside when it won't fit in the freezer, to name one example. Half-dangerous chemistry tricks involving boiling water. Dancing your ass off at malfunctioning bus stops.

Or stick to the classic: Ice skating and/or hockey on a pristine backyard pond. 

One family in Maple Grove will see you your classic pastime, suburban Minnesota, and raise you. A new drone-assisted video shot by Gopher Aerial shows how by night, one Shawn Carlon converts his rink into something more like a disco roller rink or a rave dance floor... only, with greater risk of frostbite.

That's why you've got to keep moving, which the skaters on Carlon's rink do, as set to some electronic-sounding elevator music.

It's mesmerizing watching the little dark skaters whirl around the flashing lights from above. Feel free to come back to this video throughout the day to kill time. 

The video's description explains it was filmed on January 1 of this year. Consider adding a late resolution to your 2017 list. Parents: Start doing more cool stuff like this for your kids. Non-parents: Start taking more fun drugs and watching videos like this.

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