Super Bowl Sunday: A Drinking Game for Non-Sports Fanatics

This Sunday is the biggest day in football. Whether or not you're into sports, chances are high you will be watching it on TV with friends and family. But even though you couldn't care less about the outcome, that doesn't mean you can't have a good time. We suggest you turn the event into a game of your own. A drinking game. Sports and binge drinking go together like football players and models. Get everyone, football fanatics or not, to play along.

Opening ceremonies:

When Idina Menzel takes the stage to sing the "National Anthem," drink if they make a Frozen joke.

Force anyone at your party who makes a "Let It Go" joke to take a time out in the kitchen.

Fill up your plate with carbs during any super patriotic speeches about America accented with fade-outs to the flag and fighter jets.

The game and the crowd:

Drink whenever they show Giselle looking miserable.

Take a healthy swig every time someone at your party suggests watching the Puppy Bowl instead (wouldn't that be awesome??!!).

Finish your drink and hit the kitchen for a refill anytime there is a lengthy referee debate about a play and everyone at your party can expertly explain what the issue is -- until the ref makes the ruling and your friends are completely wrong.

Toast the room every time a coach throws a tempter tantrum/rips off their headphones/turns beet red.

Eat your emotions and down a few chicken wings/pizza slices/cookies  whenever there is a shot of a coach standing on the sidelines, stoic as a bald eagle.

Drink every time someone stifles a laugh at your party when announcers talk about "tight ends."

High-five yourself and head to the bathroom for every 'deflated ball' joke you can make at inappropriate moments.

Finish your drink anytime a sports announcer tries to create a storybook narrative with one of the players.

Pour yourself a new drink every time they show a topless man with the body of Santa Clause covered in paint. Right on, dude. This is your Christmas and Halloween, and you're living the dream.

Take a toke (or pretend to) whenever sportscasters make a crack about Seattle/Washingtonians smoking weed during the game.

Half-time entertainment:

Drink every time you see Katy Perry with an unnatural hair color during her set.

Take a shot and give some side-eye if Katy Perry manages to diss Taylor Swift during her performance (it's rumored they are fighting over some lame ex-boyfriend. Meow!)

Pour one out for Janet Jackson's nipple if Katy Perry manages to wear one of her boob-tastic bras.

Take a shot if fighter jets show up or pyrotechnic overkill happens during "Fireworks."


Drink for every selfie you see Kim Kardashian take in her T-Mobile ad. (You will be crunk.)

Do a shot or finish your drink any time you see Lindsay Lohan making fun of herself in the name of insurance (tip: She's doing Esurance commercials).

Go to the kitchen and make yourself a White Russian (or hit the green) when you see the Dude's trippy commercial.

Leave the room when a commercial tries to make something sexy that's not sexy because... Super Bowl.

Drink every time a Super Bowl commercial makes you misty eyed. Remember, it's just consumerism!