Quinn Villagomez to host a show featuring looks inspired by icons like Cher, Lizzie McGuire, and even planet Earth

DJ Miss Brit poses with Quinn Villagomez (right) at the Purple Ones: A Fashion Show Fundraiser for KFAI.

DJ Miss Brit poses with Quinn Villagomez (right) at the Purple Ones: A Fashion Show Fundraiser for KFAI. Matt Blewett/Matte B Photography

Inspiration has always been a huge part of fashion creation and aesthetics. You can see that at work at this week’s DesignICON, a "fashion show inspired by those who inspire us."

The event’s host, Quinn Villagomez, is familiar with this concept. In addition to cohosting KFAI’s Fresh Fruit, the longest running weekly queer radio show in the country, she also organizes the station’s fundraiser/fashion show, the Purple Ones, featuring looks that pay homage to the music and style of Prince.

“I have always been into fashion even though I am not a designer myself,” she says.

For DesignICON, inspiration will be a little more broad. The list this year includes looks inspired by legends like Cher, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Oscar de la Renta, as well as more unexpected sources like Bootsy Collins, Mae West, the Earth, and Lizzie McGuire.

It was important to Villagomez, who is a Latinx trans activist herself, that the show to include icons “from all platforms: musicians, film, television, social justice.”

Out of 87 designer submissions, 20 were chosen to show in the competition. Designers were selected based on “the story of the designer, how their icon inspired them, and if the designer sparked hope and inspiration in some sense.”

The judges are from varied backgrounds, and include those working as stylists, designers, and in media. As with the inspiring icons for the show, it was important for the judging panel to represent different aspects to fashion. “A fashion designer knows what to look for in a garment, and someone in television knows what will look good on screen,” says Villagomez.

The winner of DesignICON will win a cash prize, bragging rights, and an invitation to be a judge at next year’s show.

Local vendors will set up shop during the event. Attendees can purchase handmade Mala bead jewelry from Lindsey Larson or icon inspired pins from Gigi Berry of the Minnesota Pins and Cherry Moon Press. Icon inspired drink specials will also be available the night of the show.

The event will take place at the recently renovated LUSH in northeast Minneapolis. “LUSH is a really good space because it’s for people in our community, whether you’re in the LGBTQIA community or not,” she says. “Everyone is welcome.”

Even though the event is a competition, Villagomez hopes to bring people together around fashion and pop culture. She invites everyone “to have a good time and support a variety of talent in our community.”

6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, July 13
$15; find tickets