Oh, great: Garrison Keillor's writing a book called 'Inappropriate Behavior'


Pictured: Garrison Keillor, circa 2010, engaging a Prairie Home Companion guest in what was described as an 'impromptu polka' -- which, by the way, would make for a much better book title than 'Inappropriate Behavior.' Tom Wallace Star Tribune

Garrison Keillor does not take the harassment complaints against him seriously. 

This we knew already. After his swift departure from Minnesota Public Radio, the former Prairie Home Companion host sent a frivolous email to the Star Tribune. Later he sent them some fun limericks. He told a monologue onstage about putting his hand on the bare back of his prom date, which sounds a lot like the only level of conduct Keillor has so far copped to.

These are not the actions of a man experiencing even the slightest bit of remorse, or even a second thought, about how he has treated anyone, ever.

Consider this latest piece of information from MPR, covering its professional split from Keillor, which is now in legal mediation. It seems the scribe of St. Paul has been keeping a journal of recent events on his Facebook account. 

Keillor calls his ouster a "beheading at the hands of my employer of 40 years." He describes mediation as mostly "lawyers arguing" and "a mediator moving from office to office," which "goes so slowly you lose track of time." Gee, Garrison, sorry to bore you with the end of your career.

And then there's this tidbit:

[Keillor] has said that he is at work on a short novel titled "Inappropriate Behavior," hinting that it is inspired by the circumstances that led to MPR's decision to break ties with him.

Yes, perfect. Because that is exactly what the national reckoning on the treatment of women in the workplace needs: a brisk, fictionalized frolic from the man's perspective, making a bit of light-hearted fun of this whole to-do. Rush this piece to the presses! 

Of all the Great Media Men to tumble since the start of the #MeToo movement, Keillor is, conspicuously, the only one who might actually be enjoying it.

Look for Inappropriate Behavior, the book, to appear in stores soon. Expect inappropriate behavior, the habit, to continue on Garrison Keillior's Facebook page daily.

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