Minnesota-made ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ is streaming online and people are losing their shit


When Drop Dead Gorgeous was released in 1999, the dark comedy about a treacherous beauty pageant bombed with critics and audiences. In 2019, however, the film is considered a cult classic.

While in Minnesota you can usually catch the flick for free at least once a year at an outdoor screening (August 12 in Loring Park), judging by this Google autofill, the internet has been thirsting for Drop Dead to be streaming online for some time.

Well, prayers have been answered, and Hulu subscribers can watch it for free now. And yes, the internet is freaking out. Turns out that Drop Dead has a pretty big fandom. Who knew?

Since the title became available, #DropDeadGorgeous been trending on Twitter, and the meme sharing has been glorious.

The media has been freaking out, too. One writer for the New Yorker proclaimed it her favorite movie of all time.

Even Ellen Barkin, who rocked a very Minnesotan accent in the movie, is freaking out over the streaming, as is her co-star Alison Janney.

Drop Dead Gorgeous follows a group of hopefuls—Kirsten Dunst! Denise Richards! Brittany Murphy! Amy Adams in her first role!—as they compete for top honors in the Sarah Rose Cosmetics Mount Rose American Teen Princess Pageant. Mount Rose was based on Rosemount, which is where scriptwriter Lona Williams is from.

The film was also shot locally, mainly in Waconia, and the Mall of America makes an appearance.