Jackie Kashian on Star Wars vs. Star Trek


Like many comedians/podcasters, Jackie Kashian has branched out into acting. She recently had an audition for a Disney Channel show. The part was that of a German massage therapist.

“That didn’t take,” she reports. “I audition for any number of things, but clearly that’s what they envisioned. They felt I could pass for a German massage therapist for a Disney Channel show.” She doesn’t recall which show. “I wish I could remember. I’ve got nieces and nephews that watch that channel.”  

Kashian has managed to land a few roles, though. “I did one on Maron’s show on IFC this past season where I played a podcaster,” she says. “And I played a comedian on Maria Bamford’s new show Lady Dynamite for Netflix. I played a comedian and a podcaster. So I’ve got range, man.”

Kashian is quite adept at both, of course. This past February, she had one of the best sets of the year on Conan O’Brien's show, in which she called your grocer’s freezer “a trophy case to American imperialism.” The rest of the set is equally as hilarious, and a must-see (watch it below). Meanwhile her podcast, The Dork Forest, continues to grow in popularity, and is now part of the All Things Comedy Network, which is run by fellow comics Bill Burr and Al Madrigal.

Indeed, Kashian was one the first comedians to embrace podcasting, and immediately found a niche discussing with lay people and fellow entertainers their various pop-culture obsessions and hobbies. The show’s “dork-on-dork dialogue” often covers various topics related, but not all limited, to science fiction. A recent guest, in fact, was actor Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation, whom Kashian dubbed "dork royalty." Wheaton laughed at the notion, and went on to talk about beer making, a hobby of his.

Very little Star Trek talk took place during the chat, even though Kashian is a big fan of that franchise. “People seem to lean one way or the other,” she notes of Star Wars and Star Trek fans. “Star Wars can be more fun, but Star Trek is much smarter. I love the fun of Star Wars — and I will always love the fun of Star Wars — but Star Trek, when they get it right, really nails the sociopolitical human experience, which is great.”

These days the same guy is now in charge of both, of course.

“J.J. Abrams does Star Wars better than he does Star Trek,” she states. “He seems to be missing the Prime Directive.”

As for Kashian, she is also about to pick up a second ongoing project. “I’m starting a new podcast with Laurie Kilmartin,” she reveals. “I’m co-hosting something called The Jackie and Laurie Show. It will be on the Nerdist Network.” She explains the idea behind the podcast: “There are a lot of podcasts with middle-aged white guys discussing standup comedy, but there’s not enough middle-aged white ladies talking about standup comedy.”


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