How to work your Halloween costume into your regular wardrobe

Mike Madison

Mike Madison

Halloween is over, and it’s pretty much winter now. You’ve probably started moving your warm-weather clothes to the back of the closet or into a Rubbermaid tote that you’ll shove in a dark corner until spring comes around again. That's totally understandable; I do the same thing. However, when it comes to my Halloween costumes, I don’t re-donate them to the thrift stores where I found them. Instead, I like to repurpose them into actual outfits that I wear to work or out on the weekends.

It’s easy to score unique and fun (and sometimes a little weird) vintage pieces at thrift stores when you’re shopping for a costume. These are great for Halloween, but they’re even better worn year-round. Here’s how.

If you scored a … faux fur coat
Here's a little secret: Vintage “teddy bear” faux fur coats are some of the warmest coats around. In fact, they’re pretty much all I wear during the winter. They’re so much more than just a prop for your Margot Tenenbaum costume. So don’t think of your coat as a costume. Think of it as a fun alternative to the boring ole North Face puffer we all own and love in the chilly months. Winter is too long and painful to spend time wearing a boring coat.

If you scored a … sparkly, flashy-grandma top or dress
First of all, New Year’s Eve pretty much requires sequins, so wear your glittering costume that evening. If you nabbed a fully sequined jacket or dress for October festivities, you can totally wear it casually, too. Throw it back to the statement jackets of 2008 by pairing it with a vintage concert tee and skinny jeans — a classic look. Wear a sparkly gown with a sweatshirt thrown over the top. Pair something fancy with ripped tights and boots. Have fun with it! Also, sequined items look awesome when you pair them with the Kira Kira (an app that adds sparkle to photos) for an unforgettable Instagram post. Just saying.


Wool knickers. 24” waist. $16.

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If you scored a … crazy pair of wide-legged pants
You are so lucky! A few years ago, I grabbed a high-waisted pair of white silk trousers and they give me total Ariana Grande vibes. They’re also incredibly versatile. Wear printed crepe pants with a cropped sweater, or give in to the cozy “hygge” vibes and pair them with a super soft cashmere turtleneck or long cardigan, Eileen Fisher-style. Make them dramatic by pairing them with a structured jacket (bonus points if it’s colorful). Don’t be afraid to go a little ‘80s; the ‘80s are totally back again.

If you scored a … sexy whatever costume
Hey, sexy costumes are fun as long as they aren’t offensive. If you were a sexy nurse, cat, devil, maid, or whatever for Halloween, you can totally wear that skintight dress throughout the year. Just pair it with something long and loose, like an unstructured silk Kim Kardashian-esque trench, or a big oversized grandpa sweater. A bomber jacket looks cool with a bodycon dress, and so do Doc Martens.


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If you scored a … polyester ‘70s disco dress
By all means, just wear this on its own. It’s probably awesome. Don’t mess with it.