Flip Phone has drive-thru horror thrills this Halloween

No convertibles, please.

No convertibles, please. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Yeah, living through COVID-19 quarantine is terrifying. But it’s also super boring. Enter the Deadly Drive-In, a haunted trail-of-terrors type of experience you can enjoy from your car.

Because operating a two-ton vehicle isn’t scary enough, and it’s Halloween season.

So, you know how some of the scariest and most suspenseful horror-movie moments are just people freaking out in their car? Maybe the vehicle doesn’t start up, or something is attacking and the windshield doesn’t feel protective enough. The Deadly Drive-in is hoping to tap into that energy.

This season, ghouls, zombies, serial killers, and probably some other spectres will be taking over a loading dock/parking lot formerly used by Herberger’s in Rosedale Center. Basically you will sit in your car, freak out as things come at you, and there’s no driving away (because, seriously, these demons have to go home at the end of the day, too).

The Drive-In will be a 30-minute terror experience a little in the style of the notorious Haunted Basement. There will be waivers signed, kids need to be 14 and up, the driver must be 18, and they don’t recommend you attend if you’re pregnant (blood sacrifice).

Oh, and this should be obvious, but in case it’s not: If you plan on partaking, don’t take your convertible to the event. You’ll need to keep your windows fully rolled up to enjoy this bloody car wash.

Tickets go on sale today, and you can find more details at the event's page. The Deadly Drive-In runs from October 15 to Halloween.