Feminist art, migraine inspirations, and other art shows worth your time


Suzanna Scott, 'Coin Cunts/reds & purple'

If you haven’t made plans to leave town this weekend, and aren’t planning to hide in your home away from the Super Bowl crowd, there are actually plenty of non-sports related things going on. With all these visitors swooping in, is there a better time to showcase the Twin Cities’ vibrant art scene? Nope. Check out some of our suggestions below.


Sheila Pepe

Visiting Artist Lecture: Sheila Pepe

Where it’s at: Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 2501 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Where do craft and conceptual art meet? That’s what New York-based artist Sheila Pepe will be discussing at a talk at MCAD, covering her cross-disciplinary practice of creating large installations and sculptures out of domestic and industrial materials.

Why you should go: Pepe’s work is crochet with an edge. In her pieces, she pushes both political and aesthetic boundaries, creating visually stunning, enveloping works. Come hear about her process and how she draws on different disciplines to get her viewpoint across.

When: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday.


Judy Chicago, 'Birth Trinity'

After: Birth

Where it’s at: The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery, 2004 Randolph Ave., St. Catherine University, St. Paul.

What it’s about: In conjunction with an exhibit of Judy Chicago’s historic “Birth Project” from the early 1980s, curator Jess Larson has assembled a group of contemporary feminist artists who respond to Chicago’s work from intersectional lenses. The gallery will display a selection of screen prints, needle works, and textiles that were part of her 1980s exhibition along with materials that provide historical context. "After: Birth" features contemporary works in response to the original project.

Why you should go: In our #metoo era, what can today’s feminists draw from the feminists of the 1970s and '80s? It’s no surprise that Chicago's work is surging in popularity right now, but how do feminists interested in intersectionality respond to work that’s so vaginally focused? Perhaps it’s a good time to look this second-wave feminist artist with a critical and yet appreciative eye. What can we keep, and what can we move beyond?

When: 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday.


Steve Ozone

No Claim: Assimilation, Integration and Adaptation

Where it’s at: Form+Content, 210 N. Second St., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Steve Ozone finds the beauty in the microscopic in his series of photographs of vegetables and flowers. Presenting his subjects against a black backdrop, Ozone’s sense of color and detail vividly come to life.

Why you should go: You’ve never seen corn on the cob quite like this before. Whether it’s small 10-inch-square photos or larger works hung using a poster hanger system designed by Jorgen Moller, you’ll love the simple beauty captured with Ozone’s eye. 

When: 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday.


Jane Wunrow

Seeing Voices: A solo exhibition by Jane Wunrow

Where it’s at: Gamut Gallery, 717 S. 10th St., Minneapolis

What it’s about: After a much deserved January break, Gamut Gallery is back at it with an exhibition featuring artist Jane Wunrow. Wunrow’s first solo show in the Twin Cities explores fear, pain, and perception through her experience as a migraine sufferer.

Why you should go: A 2017 recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, Wunrow has recently been able to go deeper and further with her work, thanks to having studio space to take on bigger projects. Come see what this local artist is all about. The opening reception will include a noise set along with visual projections by Michael Masaru Flora and Pooch Karton.

When: 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday. $5.

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