Ever notice how my fridge is in 'Marriage Story'?

There she is: The 21.7-cubic-foot LG side-by-side door-in-door counter-depth smart Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator.

There she is: The 21.7-cubic-foot LG side-by-side door-in-door counter-depth smart Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator. Netflix

Everybody's talking about Marriage Story, director Noah Baumbach's just-released Netflix dramedy.  

The strength of the two leads, Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, who gut-wrenchingly portray a young divorcing couple. The loudly telegraphed parallels to Baumbach's own dissolved marriage to Jennifer Jason Leigh. The meme-able fight scene

But almost nobody is talking about the refrigerator. 

As I half-watched Marriage Story while moving into a new house, it leapt from the screen and gripped me: The LG LSXC22486S! Folks, that's the very same fridge I had recently purchased, and there it was -- silently cooling food and drinks as Driver and Johansson delivered moving performances. 

Was the fridge in the kitchen of Johansson's character or her mother's? Unclear. Like I said, I wasn't paying close attention to Baumbach's vulnerable yet witty account of a death-rattling relationship (too many moving boxes). The only universal human truth I could see was that gleaming machine, which produces two distinct kinds of ice, cubed and crushed.

We all value unspoiled food and classy stainless steel finishes. 

Yes, it's safe to say I'm enjoying my LG fridge almost as much as critics enjoyed Marriage Story, which touts a 95 percent "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe more! While the film accessibly slices a vein, revealing the depths of personal despair and, ultimately, the resiliency of those enduring it, the fridge that belongs to one of the characters has a trick third door that can do this. Dazzling friends with that puppy has been the high point of my 2019. 

Will Marriage Story win Best Picture at the 2020 Oscars? That's the big unresolved question. Well, one of them. The other, of course, being whether I'll utilize the fridge's WiFi connectivity. On one hand, a "smart" kitchen sounds like a no-brainer, but will letting the machines tap into my food resources have consequences when the singularity ushers in the human vs. robot apocalypse?

Humanity is the core of Marriage Story. Passions may rise to ugly highs, our lives may veer off script in ways that test our very sense of self. But our better angels tend to win out, even in the blinding face of a pain that once only felt theoretical. And "winning" is really the only way I can describe my refrigerator purchase, which came with 0 percent financing for 18 months. 

Marriage Story is streaming now via Netflix; the LG LSXC22486S is available at most major appliance retailers.