Comedians share Thanksgiving memories before homecoming shows this week

Geoffrey Asmus, Chloe Radcliffe

Geoffrey Asmus, Chloe Radcliffe

This Thanksgiving, some of the best former (and former-ish) Twin Cities comedians are headed home, performing homecoming holiday shows at clubs all over town. 

We asked for some of them to share their funniest, weirdest, and most memorable Thanksgiving stories, to make us feel better about our own screwed-up families this weekend. 

Ben Katzner, Steve Gillespie

Ben Katzner, Steve Gillespie

“One year, we took my grandparents to Old Country Buffet for Thanksgivinga classicand my grandpa, who had fairly severe Alzheimer’s, unfolded a napkin and put it over his head for most of the meal. Funny? Uncomfortable? Memorable? Sure.” – Chloe Radcliffe

“Not sure I can top alzheimer’s at OCB, but a couple Thanksgivings ago my mom, who never drinks, got buzzed on wine for the first time in my life and it was glorious. It was like having Thanksgiving dinner with one of the Sugarbaker sisters from Designing Women. Just more proof that your parents drinking too much during the holidays is always fun and never problematic, right?” – Ben Katzner

“A couple of years ago, my great-uncle had a heart attack at the dinner table, and my great-aunt, thinking her husband was gonna die, revealed that he had an affair 30 years ago. And then he didn’t die, and now we all have a very big secret to keep.” – Geoffrey Asmus

“Most of my Thanksgiving memories revolve around my three brothers. Thanksgiving was one of the few times all of us would be together, and it gave us a chance to engage in our favorite pastime of roasting each other over pickup games of Nerf basketball. And, of course, gambling on football.” – Steve Gillespie

The shows:

November 27, Comedy Corner Underground

Eve of Dysfunction

Kicking things off on Thanksgiving eve, Chloe Radcliffe and Geoffrey Asmus are back from New York and joining Shelly Paul, Ryan Kahl, Daniel Williams, Ali Sultan, and Courtney Baka at Comedy Corner Underground.

8 p.m.
$12 advance/$14 at the door

Get tickets here

November 29, Sisyphus Brewing

Home for the Holidays

Radcliffe and Asmus will be joined by fellow Minnesotan-turned-New Yorker Ben Katzner, along with Helena Balcziak and Henry Fuguitt (back in town from Denver), Daina Sagal Ali (he relocated to Seattle), and local favorites (for now) including Sultan, Kahl, Williams and Ahmed Khalaf.

8 p.m. & 10 p.m., $10

Get tickets here

November 30, Sisyphus Brewing

Steve Gillespie and Friends

Finally, Steve Gillespie is back from Los Angeles for his second-annual (maybe!) post-Thanksgiving comedy reunion at Sisyphus, along with his buds Emily Galati, Karen Pickering, Tommy Bayer, Elise Cole, Greg Coleman, Ahmed Khalaf, and Ryan Kahl.

8 p.m., $10

Get tickets here