Comedian Rob Little wants to marry you (but no exorcisms, please)


When we last spoke to comedian Rob Little, he informed us that he had become an ordained minister. He initially did it as a goof at the behest of Minneapolis-based comedian Tommy Ryman, but now he’s managed to create a TV show out of it. Little spoke to City Pages from his home in Michigan.

Once you became ordained, you married Tommy Ryman. Well, you didn’t marry him, you officiated his wedding.

[Laughs] Yeah, that was a lot of fun. And since then, I’ve done a couple more. They’ve all been so fun.

So you just went online and got ordained?

Yeah, you just go to Universal Life Church and you get ordained. And it’s crazy all the different crap you can do — weddings are just the tip of the iceberg. You can do funerals. I’ve never done any of those, but I’m pre-booked. Just waiting for them to die. I’m probably going to roast them.

How long does it take to get ordained?


Literally, how fast can you type your name and address? There’s no Jesus quiz, there’s nothing to it. It's super easy. If you want to get the certificate, it costs a little more. I got the wallet-sized card, too. Other than that, I think it’s basically free. But they kind of make you think you need the certificate.

Do you need the certificate to perform certain functions?

Out of all the ones I’ve done, I’ve only had to show the certificate once. Normally whatever city they’re getting married in you have to find out what the county’s rules are. Sometimes you have to fill out paperwork for it.

How many weddings have you done?

Four of them now. Just other regular friends.

Did you approach them, or did they come to you?

They were buddies of mine, and they said, “Hey, we know you did this one, you want to try this?” If it’s a good friend, I’m down to do it. I’ve been asked by a few fans and it’s always like, “I don’t really know you, and it’s hard to tailor it to you.” And most of the time I’m booked anyway.

And you’ve parlayed this into a TV show?

If you’re getting someone that’s ordained to do your wedding, you want to do something different. So I came up with this new show idea about doing weird weddings. It’s getting to know the couples and why they want to do this weird wedding. Then you have this comedian do it, and everyone comes dressed the way the couple wants. It could be a Harry Potter-theme or an underwater wedding or whatever. That’s one we're playing with right now. All the possibilities are never-ending.


So what else can you do as an ordained minister?

Baptisms, but that’s a scary one. How long do you hold them under for? What’s the rule on that? Until they stop making bubbles, then bring them up? You can also take offerings and do exorcisms.

Like a real exorcism?

Yeah, I had a real priest tell me that. I’ve never met anyone with a demon in them. I’ve met some real witchy women, but never one with a demon inside.


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