Comedian Chris Maddock is a country music legend. Just ask him.

Chris Maddock

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What started as a joke has become a reality for Chris Maddock.

“A lot of times I’d be out on the road doing a show, and they’d want to know my credits for when they introduced me onstage,” Maddock explains. “And I’d be in Williston, North Dakota, trying to tell them, ‘I was City Pages’ funniest comic!’ and they would just forget it anyway. So I just started telling people to introduce me as a country music legend.”

Soon Maddock decided to put his spurs where his mouth is, and started bringing his guitar onstage to perform music along with his jokes.

“I did standup for 14 years before I ever brought the guitar onstage,” he laughs.

This past week, everything came full circle for Maddock with the release of his newest album, Country Music Legend on Stand Up! Records.

Recorded at the Hook & Ladder Theater back in 2018, the album features a full hour of comedy along with two songs from Maddock. While the country jams are timeless, Maddock admits that the jokes are representative of a different time in his life.

“There’s a lot of restaurant jokes, but I haven’t worked in a restaurant for six months. So that part feels old. But it still feels like me.”

Despite a long career in comedy, this is just Maddock’s second album, and a far-cry from his 2012 debut, Point of Entry, which he recorded at 7th St. Entry.

“We did [Point of Entry] in one take, and I was just excited to get all the jokes out,” he says. “With that first one, I wanted to prove to my family that I was funny. This time I could be a lot more relaxed.”

To celebrate the album, which has already cracked the top five on the iTunes comedy charts, Maddock will be doing a live show — yes, a real one! — this Saturday, outdoors at Grumpy’s Northeast.

Starting at 4 p.m., the show is free to attend (although he won’t be mad if you want to throw some money at him), and will feature Maddock cracking jokes and breaking hearts with his trusty guitar.

As for the future, Maddock insists that his success as a country music legend won’t go to his head, and certainly won’t lead him down a Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines split personality path.

“I’m not going Chris Gaines, but since it might be a while before comedy comes back, you will probably see me with aguitar case outside of some of your favorite bars, luring people over with the promise of I don’t know what, and then telling them a joke.”


Chris Maddock: Country Music Legend album release show
Grumpy’s Northeast
Saturday, Oct. 10, 4 p.m.
Click here for details


Chris Maddock: Country Music Legend from Stand Up! Records on Vimeo.