Cats in the Wedge, 'Jaws' at Surly, and a shitty Nicolas Cage movie: 11 free things to do this week

Nick Cage is trying to digest some scenery here.

Nick Cage is trying to digest some scenery here. 'The Vampire's Kiss'

Oh dang, there's free stuff to do every day this week.


City Pages Rap 'n' Rock Book Club
Moon Palace Books
Oh dang, City Pages now has a book club. Get into some summer reading and join us at Moon Palace to talk books, drink beer, and listen to tunes. Hosted by our music editor, Keith Harris, this installment will cover Hanif Abdurraqib's Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to A Tribe Called Quest. To jumpstart your memories of this golden era of rap, we’ll play some hits and deep cuts from ‘90s artists, talk about the book, watch some video clips, and chill. Score 20% off the ook when you pick it up at Moon Palace. Monday, 7 p.m. 3032 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis; 612-454-0455.

Surly Cinema: Jaws
Surly Brewing Co.
It’s shark week at Surly. Order a beer and root for the most bad-ass shark that ever lived. 7:30 p.m. Mondays now through August 26. Free. 520 Malcolm Ave. SE, Minneapolis; 763-999-4040.

Ralph Breaks the Internet
Mon., 9 p.m. Audubon Park, Minneapolis.

The Twin Cities River Rats

The Twin Cities River Rats Image courtesy event organizers


Twin Cities River Rats
Along the banks of the Mississippi
Free water skiing shows on the Mississippi are back. This summer the crew will be presenting Ratty Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for free on the river. There will be stunts, leaps, lifts, and cool formations featuring Mr. Wonka, Charlie Bucket, and the Oompa Loompas. Read more about this rad troupe in our profile here. 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday this week. 1758 W. River Rd. N. (between the Broadway and Plymouth Avenue bridges), Minneapolis.

Wed., 9 p.m. Phelps Park, Minneapolis.


Vampire's Kiss
Brunson’s Pub
When Vampire’s Kiss came out in 1989, a New York Times reviewer stated that "the film is dominated and destroyed by Mr. Cage's chaotic, self-indulgent performance." If you’re familiar with Nicolas Cage’s all or nothing acting style, then you probably know exactly what this person is talking about. You can also assume that he’s giving us an iconic performance. In this cinematic bomb (that eventually went on to become a cult classic), Cage plays a high-strung yuppy. When a bat flies into his apartment during a booze-fueled sex session, he’s intrigued to discover that he finds the ordeal arousing. A few days later, a kinkster/blood drinking lady (Jennifer Beals) bites his neck, and his journey into vampirism -- and insanity -- begins, complete with plastic vampire teeth. Thank god there will be beer at this screening, which is part of Trash Film Debauchery’s Traveling Picture Show series. This summer they’ll be sharing shitty films with us at various bars in the Twin Cities. Upcoming events include Showgirls at MacKenzie’s Pub and Death Bed: The Bed That Eats at Palmer’s Bar. 8:30 p.m. Free. 956 Payne Ave., St. Paul; 651-447-2483.

The Incredibles
Wed., 6:30 p.m. Palace Community Center, 781 Palace Ave., St. Paul; 651-298-5677.

Cats of the Wedge

Cats of the Wedge


Cat Tour 2019
Mueller Park
If you’ve ever taken a walk through the Wedge neighborhood, you’ve probably inadvertently made eye contact with a cat watching you. Kitties gazing out from screened windows are as much a part of the area as hipsters on bikes, a packed patio at Leaning Tower, and the Hum’s neon sign. This week, expert cat tour guide Chet Wedgely will return for the third year in a row to take folks of a feline journey, pointing out the best cats in the ‘hood. Hosted by local news source (and iconic twitter account) Wedge LIVE, this 1.5-mile walking tour may include Rickets, a gray, leash-lovin’ kitty; Nanette Cleopatra Philivant, an “orange, long-haired diva queen”; and Smokey, a cat who once broke an old window. Residents in the area looking for local cat fame can register their pets to possibly be included in the tour at Get there early for limited-edition buttons. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 2500 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Powderhorn 24 Bike Ride Kick-Off
Tiny Diner
Each year, the Powderhorn 24 challenges riders to ride for 24 hours straight. While some manage this task by going ragnar-style in shifts on a team, others simply stop to take outdoor naps, or just ride for as long as they can. At this kickoff party, folks can learn more about the event, whether they are interested in riding, volunteering, or just cheering the riders along the way. There will also be free live music by El Le Faunt and Flowerstalks, free tuneups from Farmstead Bike Shop, and info from Full Cycle on their programs working with at-risk youth. Thursday, 5 to 8 p.m. 1024 E. 38th St., Minneapolis; 612-767-3322.

Lowertown Sounds
Mears Park
It’s a party in the park this Thursday as Lowertown continues its monthly free music party. Listen to tunes from the Flamin Oh’s and Tom, Dick, & Harry. A ton of food trucks and breweries will be stopping by, too, including Adam's Gyros, Asian Invasion, HomeTown Creamery, Potter's Pasties, Liege Waffles & Love, Castle Danger Brewery, Utepils Brewing Co., Minneapolis Cider Company, and others. Thursday, 6 to 9:30 p.m. 221 Fifth St. E., St. Paul.

First Man
Thu., 9 p.m. Brackett Park, Minneapolis.