Can you guess Matthew Broussard's visual puns?


It’s not all jokes and funny stories for Matthew Broussard. It turns out the comedian and co-host of MTV2’s Not Exactly News has a penchant for puzzles that can best be described as visual puns. Every Monday on his website,, he posts a new drawing, and invites fans to guess the answer.

“So, a caveman sculpting a face would be 'Harry Potter,'" he says. "It’s part of my live show, and I have a projector set up for it.”

An adept joke teller and observational comic, Broussard gets a similar sense of satisfaction from his drawings. “They’re really cool,” he says. “It’s like writing a little riddle. And you watch people look at it and unlock it, and it’s really satisfying to watch them go, ‘I’ve got it!’”

Broussard’s interest in visual puns and drawings ran parallel to his interest in comedy.

“It was similar to what I used to do in class in high school,” he explains. “I was such a terrible employee at this one job. I would just draw puzzles for co-workers.”

He started putting them on Facebook, and the response was so positive he created the website. “I never had any intention of doing anything with it, it was just a hobby that I ended up sharing with other people who like stupid puns.”


Broussard sent a few of his favorites along for City Pages readers to tackle. As of this interview, he has posted 264 drawings.

Can you guess what each of these four images are below? We have the answers at the bottom of the page.


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#1: General Mills

#2: Beetlejuice

#3: Stool sample

#4: Friends with Benefits