Bloomington Theatre and Art Center becomes Artistry today


Last February, Bloomington Theatre and Art Center decided it was time to re-brand and rename itself. It went with a pretty unique moniker. As of today, the nonprofit arts organization will be referred to as Artistry.

So how did they come to settle on Artistry? The open-ended nature of the word was part of the appeal.

"Artistry evokes the kinds of experiences we strive to provide for audiences and the attributes we seek to nurture in artists, including creativity, virtuosity, talent, mastery, craftsmanship, and finesse. It weaves together our current artistic disciplines while allowing for future exploration and experimentation," a press release states.

The release also notes that memorability and ease of internet searchability was a factor.

Throughout the year, Artistry offers a wide variety of culture, including theater productions, art shows, educational opportunities, and creative placemaking projects. It also works with the city of Bloomington to support artists in the area and encourage community engagement.

The name change is part of expansions that the organization has seen over time.

“We’ve grown by 50 percent over the last five years as more people have become aware of the excellence and regional impact of our programming," says executive director Andrea Specht. "Our new brand is a key tool for further broadening our audience base in Bloomington and beyond, growing our community of participating artists, and generating new sources of philanthropic support region-wide.”

Artistry is in good company at the Bloomington Center for the Arts, as it's one of seven nonprofits housed there.