Andrew Cahak brings a punk-rock mentality to his standup

Andrew Cahak

Andrew Cahak

Local comedian Andrew Cahak may be a standup, but he has punk rock in his soul.

“Throughout high school and college, I was involved in the local punk-rock scene,” he explains of his origins before comedy. “When the band I was managing imploded, I felt like I needed to do something... One night I spontaneously wrote a joke in my notebook, and then I wrote a few more. I figured it was time to try my hand at actually performing these jokes. That was eight years ago.”

This week, Cahak is releasing his debut comedy album, Dracula, and he’s keeping his punk-rock cred by breaking nearly every norm along the way.

For starters, he decided to record the album in a studio with no audience, as opposed to the more traditional live performance-style.

“Usually a comedian would record a standup album at a comedy club or maybe a bar. I love comedy records that were made at those kinds of places but I didn’t really want to do that,” Cahak explains. “Sometime in the summer of 2016, I was a guest on a podcast recorded by Tony Williamette at Minnehaha Recording Co. and it was a really positive experience. I wanted to do something else with him. I think the right recording studio is a magical place, and Tony’s space is great. So we decided to set up some folding chairs in his live room and see what would happen. It turned out great.”

He also made the unconventionally decision to release the album exclusively on vinyl.

“Releasing the album on vinyl was always the priority for a couple of reasons,” he says. “With a physical medium like vinyl, the listener naturally has a more personal and immediate relationship with it. You’ve got to get up half way through and flip the thing. It should hopefully push the listener to give it more consideration, and not just throw it on in the background while you do dishes or something.”

As for the release party, Cahak has foregone the usual comedy haunts and instead decided to host the bash at Mortimer’s. In addition to a performance by Cahak himself, along with a solid lineup of comics including MJ Marsh, Chris Maddock, and Courtney Baka. The show will feature music from Falcon Arrow and will be hosted by Ian Rans.

“Doing it at Mortimer’s makes me super happy; I think that space is kind of perfect for comedy, and I live in Uptown, so it just felt right to do it close to home.”

Between the DIY attitude, the unconventional recording and release, and the eclectic lineup, Cahak is carrying some of his old punk-rock ways into the local comedy scene. And he hopes this is just the start.

“I like working with people and making cool things,” he says.


Andrew Cahak Dracula LP Release Party
6 p.m. Friday, February 1