4 takeaways from Spring Fashion Week MN

Minnstafashion models rocked color and prints at the Foshay.

Minnstafashion models rocked color and prints at the Foshay. Darin Kamnetz

Spring Fashion Week MN has come and gone.

The event, which has only become sharper and more focused with changes over the years, is a sterling example of how a relatively small fashion-minded community like the one we have here can create an inclusive space for everyone who’s interested in personal style.

So what were the major trends at this season’s FWMN, you ask? What should you be adding to your closet or looking for when you’re out and about shopping? What should a casual observer take away from FWMN? Let’s break down some of the best things we saw this year.

Color. The most noticeable trend at FWMN was bright, vibrant, eye-catching COLOR! It wasn’t just designers who were feeling the rainbow vibes; event attendees dressed in their best and brightest colorful outfits for Instagram photo ops and more, and immersive, experiential events such as the You’re a Gem exhibit were also all about color. It’s clear that we’re all feeling the aftereffects of a really cold, tough winter, and are ready to embrace a little bit of fun and positivity via color.

Prints and patterns. Patterns and prints of all shapes, sizes, and shades dominated FWMN this season. There was leopard print, metallic brocade, watercolor prints, and vibrant florals. Mix ‘em and match ‘em for a look that’s all your own.


I AM FABULOUS Lauren Engfer Photography

Inclusivity. FWMN focused on fashion for everyone, whether that was with events like I AM FABULOUS, which featured fashionistas over 60; Ice Cream Bow Ties, a fashion show helmed by a young (we’re talking like, elementary school young) designer; or Trippy Stylez, which celebrated art, community, fashion, and self-expression.

We saw body-positive designs for a variety of shapes and sizes, including at the Night of LEXURIE show, and we can’t stress how important it is to celebrate body diversity. It’s so refreshing to see FWMN embracing this so wholeheartedly.

Sustainability. The climate is changing. Landfills are piling up with trash. Our use of plastics is out of control. Anyone who’s interested in fashion should also be interested in sustainability — the Twin Cities fashion community definitely is. Opting for a piece of clothing by a local designer who uses recycled or upcycled materials, or a look from a local store with an emphasis on sustainability, is a major step in the right direction.